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“With Education Loan Finance I was able to lower my student loans to around 4%. I plan on using those savings to pay off my loans faster.” – Alan B.


“Education Loan Finance’s rates and terms were extremely competitive, and their customer service was unbeatable! They worked hard to answer my questions and earn my business.” – Robert S.


“I chose Education Loan Finance because they offered the best fixed rate and the application process was entirely electronic and easy to complete.” – Benjamin K.


“My federal loans were getting way too high of an interest rate and I did some research and Education Loan Finance looked like the best combination of rate and simplicity.” – Nick L.


“Education Loan Finance provided the lowest rates and were very accommodating and helpful throughout the entire application process.” – Ryan M.


“After reviewing multiple companies I found that Education Loan Finance offered the best rate and monthly payment. I’m saving approximately $20,000 over the life of my loan and am planning on using those savings to pay off my loan faster! My personal loan advisor was responsive & urgent with his answers and the entire process (including approval) took about 24 hours.” – Jessica D.


“Education Loan Finance’s interest rate, payment and loan term was the most competitive in the student loan refinance industry. Their interest rate and monthly payment were significantly lower than my current loan provider, as well as Sofi and other refinance lenders. Customer service was impeccable. My questions were answered fully and incredibly quickly. Couldn’t be happier!” – Brian G.


“I chose Education Loan Finance because they had lower interest rates than the federal program and was the lowest among other private services. My monthly payments will be more, but my interest rate is 1.8% better and over the ten year life of the loan, this will save nearly $10,000 in interest.” – Calder O.


“I chose Education Loan Finance because of the potential for a low rate and the variety of term lengths. I will save approximately $5,000 over the life of my loan and for me, this means more duplicate bridge tournaments! The customer service was excellent, easily the best in my experience with multiple financial institutions. Very responsive to email and telephone. Much better than the competition in student loan finance.” – Thomas O.


“Education Loan Finance offered me a great combination of a low payment and low interest rate. This gives me flexible options to pay down my debt faster by making extra payments each month, while at the same time leaving that cash available if I need it. My payment is $100 les per month after my consolidation and I plan to take that money and save it for upcoming projects on my house.” – Russell K.


“Education Loan Finance was a breeze to deal with. All I had to do was complete some simple forms and upload a few documents. Anytime I had a question or issue they went above and beyond to either answer or even take care of the issue for me. I will now save around $24,000 over the life of my loan and I plan to use the savings to pay off my house faster. The best thing is, it cost us nothing. I wish I had refinanced withEducation Loan Finance years ago.” – Lance S.

“AMAZING experience with Education Loan Finance! Not only did they offer the best rate, but I had a friendly and knowledgable personal loan advisor throughout the entire process.” – Nicole D.

“I’m not sure the exact dollar amount I saved, but I went from 7.86% down to +/- 3%. I am 100% dedicated to getting my loans paid off as soon I can. The customer service was excellent. If you guys did home and auto loans I would be using your service as well! I love the experience and the personal relationship.” – Sara W.

“I am saving $222 a month now on my 10-year loan. I’m using my savings towards a down payment for a house. I loved how easy this was and I felt like they genuinely cared about me.” – Jennifer D.

“My interest rate was lowered by an average of 4-4.5%, so I am saving $2000+ a year on my $50,000 loan. My plan is to use this money to pay off my college debt earlier than planned. I was very pleased with the ease of uploading documents; all in all, it was a good system and customer experience.” – Jan F.

“I found the website looking online for loan consolidation. I’m now saving $274 per month and I plan on spending it for rent in a new house. The customer service was excellent throughout the entire process.” – Andrew C.

“The average interest rate I was paying on the government funded loans decreased approximately 4%. This will be approximately $37,000 in interest savings. My experience with the customer service personnel at Education Loan Finance was great – they made sure I understood each and every step of the process and kept me informed of the status of my loan.” – Lauren P.

“I chose Education Loan Finance because they gave me the lowest interest rate. I am now saving $500 each month, which I am going to use to contribute to my 401(k) and my ROTH IRA. I have told all of my friends with loans about Education Loan Finance. One thing that was special about my service with Education Loan Finance is that there is no pre-payment fee.” – Shelly L.

“I went from a 30-year loan at 6-8% to a 5-year loan at 3.49%. I’ll save close to $200,000, which I’ll use to pay off my house and save for retirement. The first bank I went to seemed indifferent to helping me, but Education Loan Finance was always going above and beyond to help me get my loan approved. I’ve recommended Education Loan Finance to several of my friends.” – Andrea C.

“I had been making on time payments [on my student loans] for eight years and found myself deeper in debt than the original loan because of variable interest rates. Before refinancing to a fixed rate loan, I was 26 years away from being debt free. Education Loan Finance just gave my family a light at the end of the tunnel. Now, my monthly payment is basically the same as before, but I’ll be debt free in 10 years.” – Nikki F.

“I was able to shorten my repayment term by five years, while still making the same payment. And, it is a simple interest loan that allows me to easily pay ahead on the principal. With my savings, I will be able to pay off my student loans faster and this gives me peace of mind! It was very convenient – everything was done online. Fast, simple, easy, great service, and great rates. It doesn’t get any better than this. Each month I see the reduction in principal on my loan and it makes me feel good.” – Julia S.

“Education Loan Finance’s customer service was great, and they didn’t make too many phone calls or send to many emails. The process was very easy compared to other companies.” – Ashleigh S.

“Education Loan Finance had great customer service – very efficient and simple and a good interest rate. I’m saving $2000 per month now.” – Danny R.

“I went from a 6% loan for 30 years to a 4% loan over 7 years so I am saving a ton of interest. This will allow me to pay the loan off sooner and put that money towards vacations! The customer service was great; everyone was extremely helpful and kind.” – Emily D.

“I had a reduction of 6.5% to 3.99% and am going to save the savings. Customer service was very prompt and responsive.” – Shabnam J.

“This company provided the best rates. The refinance took a notable amount off of my interest. I will use the savings to continue to pay off my loans.” – Jeffery F.

“They were the lowest rate and monthly payment. I am saving over $250 per month and they have been helpful and responsive” – Daniel R.**

“I chose Education Loan Finance because of a Student Loan Hero recommendation. I’m making the same minimum payment but shaving a year off my loan. The staff was fantastic and had great customer service skills. No long waits on the phone was a very pleasant surprise.” – Dylan B.

“I am saving about $100 a month with my Education Loan Finance loan. I am putting the extra $100 towards paying off other debt.” – Kerrie B.

“Education Loan Finance had the best customer service ever from the beginning of my application process. The application process was very easy and quick and they updated me every step by step process. They were very helpful and were able to help me via email and phone calls even when I had a very busy schedule. I will be saving over $4,000 over the life of the loan and I am planning to spend that to travel to places I have never been.” – Matthew P.

“This is my second refinance with Education Loan Finance. Overall, I estimate saving in excess of $30,000 over the life of the loan.” – Elizabeth C.

“I chose to go with Education Loan Finance because I could call and email our agent. The other companies I investigated took too long to get back to me and I had no direct contact. Education Loan Finance is great company and I have had nothing but a great experience so far.” – Neil D.

“I took a student loan with a 6% interest rate and now I have an interest rate under 4% which is very reasonable.” –Firoozeh F.

“I will be saving tens of thousands of dollars over the course of the loan. Saving several hundred monthly, with money that’s now going towards principal instead. Education Loan Finance’s customer service put a lot of effort into helping me get through the process, including phone calls way after normal business hours or over the weekend, which sometimes was the only time I was available.” – David G.

“I am saving about $600 a month. It was nice to be able to speak with a real person since I am not computer savvy.” –Danielle M.

“My experience with Education Loan Finance’s customer service was delightful each step of the way. I was very impressed and pleased that Education Loan Finance was able to beat the interest rate on an already very competitive offer I received. This certainly helped seal the deal and made me feel as though Education Loan Finance truly wanted to support me through my journey to student loan freedom. Thanks for making me feel like my business is worth your time.” – Puneet V. 

“I looked around at other companies and I chose to proceed with Education Loan Finance, because they offered the best rate and also because they were absolutely the quickest and smoothest with the process. I anticipated that refinancing would be a rather stressful and painful process, but I was truly surprised at how smooth and quick everything went. After refinancing I will now be saving at least $25,000 over the lifetime of my loan. I highly recommend Education Loan Finance to everyone.” – Elena G., East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine

“I chose Education Loan Finance because it was the only organization that was willing to give me a fair rate based on my payment history, credit score, income, etc. Education Loan Finance was the only lender that gave competitive interest rates and that provided a sense of relief knowing that there’s an end in sight. I wish I had of known about this provider sooner because it would have saved me a lot of time and headaches.

Thank you for giving me a great interest rate and I cannot wait to get started on paying off the loans. Now that I know I have a 5 year plan, it gives me an achievable goal to strive for.’ – Stephanie G., University of Florida

“Education Loan Finance was the most helpful and stress-free way to complete a loan application and gave me the best rate out of 5! others I had inquired about. Everyone [I have talked to] has been a 20 on a scale of 1-10. Thank you! Comparing to other services, Education Loan Finance is saving me $200 per month!” – Kayla D., Frostburg State University

“Education Loan Finance offered by far the lowest interest rates to refinance student loans. I checked with some other banks and companies but their rates weren’t even competitive. I asked my financial rep for my Federal Perkins loan about ELFI, and she said that ELFI has a great reputation as the best company to refinance student loans. I think I will end up saving around $3,000 total and I hope to use this money to move out and buy an apartment!” – Christopher B., Boston University

“I have a variable interest rate, but currently it is about half that of my previous federal student loan interest rate. This means I will be saving approximately 50% of accruing interest each month. I plan to use that savings to pay my loans off faster. ELFI’s customer service was excellent throughout the application period. I had a Personal Loan Advisor assigned to my application that was readily available by phone or e-mail and responded quickly to each inquiry I had.” – Kurt D., University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

“Education Loan Finance was able to understand my current situation, realize that I was very low risk for repayment, and then offer me competitive rates/terms and will save me tens of thousands in interest.” – Daniel H., A.T. Still University

“I had a list of non-negotiables I was looking for with a refinancing company. (no repayment penalties, fixed rates guaranteed, simple interest accrual, flexibility in choosing monthly draft dates) ELFI fit all my requirements.” – Jacklyn B, Canandaigua, NY

“ELFI was very organized and gave me the best refinance rate option of all the companies I reviewed.” – Amanda B

“ELFI offered me significantly better estimated refinancing rates than their competitors. After thorough review, I became comfortable with ELFI’s reputation for quality service. ” – Brian C

“I did a comparison of several different refinances companies to see who had the lowest rates. I was almost ready to sign with Credible, when I decided to check ELFI. ELFI had MUCH lower interest rates, and the application process was a breeze!” – Cara H

“Low rates! Ended up extending my term by 5 years. Saved 200-300/month.” – Luis P

“The customer service is amazing. This is the primary reason I went with ELFI. I felt like I had an advocate on my side.” – Nikhil S

“They had the best rates. Outstanding, very friendly, prompt, and thorough.” – Cathy D

“I chose Education Loan Finance because of their customer service and willingness to earn my business. They were the only company where an actual person reached out to me after applying. They beat out their competitors and got me the best rate. I’m not saving a couple hundred dollars a month, which I putting back towards the principal on my loan.” – Cody H

“Education Loan Finance has the best rate across all of the competition. They saved me $500 a year in interest, which will help me pay off my loan much faster. I had a loan advisor assigned to me who understood my needs and helped me through every step of the process. ” – Laurie D

“Education loan Finance’s Customer Service is shockingly good. I almost doubted it was real at times. There is a person who communicates with you as your direct contact throughout the entire process and is extremely responsive both in time and in manner. I have been beyond impressed with the level of communication that’s gone on. I am now saving over $250 per month which I plan to save and invest in my home or travel.” – Trent E

“I refinanced with Education Loan Finance because they had the lowest interest rates among the top student loan refinancing lenders and had the best customer service by far. My personal loan advisor was very easy to communicate with and was able to answer all of the questions. With Education Loan finance I will be saving close to $20,000 over the life of my loan, which I plan to use towards a down payment on a house.” – Noah W

“Education Loan Finance’s Personal Loan Advisors helped ease the refinancing process significantly. They see you as an actual person with real-life situations, rather than just another number in the student loan refinancing process. I’m now saving over $18,000 on my student loan, and plan to use this money to save for graduate school and to pursue my dream job as an archaeologist.” – Hannah M.

*The preceding statements are all statements from actual customers and they were not compensated or paid for their testimonials.
**Individual rates are based on factors such as credit history and will be determined upon application.

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