About Education Loan Finance

Focusing on where you’re going rather than where you’ve been.

Who We Are

Education Loan Finance is a student loan debt consolidation program offered by SouthEast Bank, which is based in Tennessee, designed to assist borrowers through consolidating outstanding education loans into one single loan that effectively lowers your costs of education and/or makes repayment very simple.

With over 30 years of experience in the student loan industry, our management team knows what recent graduates need: manageable payments, affordable rates, and flexible terms. Education Loan Finance – backed by the strength of SouthEast Bank – combines the benefits of traditional education loan financing with the superior products, service, and support found in the private market.

No application or origination fees. No penalties for paying off your loan early.

What We Do

You’ve worked hard to obtain your college degree, and Education Loan Finance’s mission is to help you lower the costs of that education and make the payments far less complex. If you are like a lot of graduates, you may have several student loans owed to the federal government and private lenders. Our innovative student loan refinancing solutions can help by reducing your monthly payments today or saving on interest throughout the life of the loan and allowing you to make one simple payment for one single loan that has consolidated ALL of your outstanding education loans.

How We’re Different

We’re different from other companies offering student loan debt consolidation. We are not a startup company and have over 3 decades of experience in the student lending business. Our experienced team understands the complex nature of the student loan industry.

We continue to offer scholarships (over $18 million to date) for students and we continue to provide free scholarship searches and provide financial literacy for borrowers.

Through our holding company, and affiliations throughout the post-secondary education system, we have helped more than a million families secure financing for post-secondary education.

Student loans are a fact of life for millions of graduates, but managing them in a cost-effective way through Education Loan Finance’s flexible program can be rewarding.